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Pick up at your hotel and then depart to visit the Ambohimanga’s Palace, built on one of the 12 sacred hills surrounding Antananarivo, located about 17 km from Antananarivo. Also known as Blue Hill, the Hill of Ambohimanga is the birthplace of the Merina kingdom, which is as a sacred city by the veneration of the royal tombs, different places of worship such as royal pools sacrifice stones, was prohibited to foreigners and pigs. On the top the hill which is a walled enclosure containing the box where lived the King Andrianampoinimerina from 1788-1810 whose aim is the reunification of Imerina. It has a commanding view of Antananarivo. Queens Ranavalona I and II Ranavalona came there to spend their stay and bathed in sacred basins. This fortress consists of 14 stones portals which 7 are outside and 7 are located inside the village. This large stone wheel is still visible at the entrance of the village of Ambohimanga, which was opened and closed by at least a dozen men from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century. The enclosure wall was covered with a coating based on egg white. It is found in the royal city, two palaces and a small pavilion, an enclosure for beef, two sacred pools, four royal tombs and the public square. Hill of Ambohimanga houses exceptional vegetation consists of endemic and medicinal plants and sacred groves. Its plains are decorated with paddy field. Ambohimanga is the only site which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It retains its atmosphere of spirituality and sacredness through ancestor worship and traditional rituals. After the visit, drive back to Antananarivo city for lunch in a local restaurant and start the tour through The Queen's Palace is located on the top of the hill “Analamanga”. It is a building that was home to the rulers of Imerina also called "Rova Manjakamiadana". This royal domain consists of pavilions and its entrance is framed by a triumphal arch topped by a hawk symbolizing the Merina royalty. It is under the reigns of Andrianampoinimerina (1787-1810) and Radama 1 (1810-1828) that this palace was officially declared as a royal residence. In 1895, the monarchy was abolished by the French colonization. But the governor Galliéni gathered and preserved the relics of royalty. At independence of 1960, the palace is classified as Malagasy national heritage but unfortunately on November 6th, 1995, the palace was destroyed by fire and almost all the royal relics were to ashes. It is currently being rehabilitated. The road along the Palace is limited by the viewpoints whose sight dominates the city of Antananarivo contemplating together the rice fields. Throughout the Andohalo city, visit the Catholic Cathedral which was built in 1875 and is the metropolitan archdiocese of Antananarivo attended by Catholic believers. Then the Andafiavaratra Palace which was built in 1872 by William Pool was the office of the Prime Minister Rainilaiarivony from 1864-1895 and was burned in 1976 and then rebuilt by the Ministry of Culture. Continuation down to the foot of the hill and see the Anosy Lake which is decorated with jacaranda trees. In the middle of the lake is the status of the black angel which is a monument to honor the soldiers who died during the First World War. Then towards the flower market to see different kinds and species of specific flowers such as orchids and the Stag horn that comes from the East coast of Madagascar. Continue the tour throughout the Antaninarenina Palace in Antaninarenina which was the old France Embassy in Antananarivo and later became the presidential palace. Antaninarenina is a very quiet administrative area that given way to shops, jewelry stores, hotels, night clubs, banks, and bordered by a long staircase that joins Anakely city and faces the stairs Ambondrona. Then continuation to Analakely market or the old "Zoma" market set up by the King Andrianampoinimerina as zebu, wood and stone trading center and has become the largest market for fresh local and bio products. The Independence Avenue of 1960 is only a few minutes from the market illustrated by arcades and on the place of May 13th, 1972 which is the date of the revolution 12 years after the Independence is the town hall which newly built. And in the background is Soarano railway station built in 1908 by the French architect Fouchard. This station has now given way to the shops. Then continue towards the traditional “Digue” market to buy some souvenirs. Many shops and craft workshops are located in the city or suburbs and offer truly original and unique products but the market “Digue” market is one of the busiest and offers almost everything by Malagasy crafts. After the visit, drive back to your hotel.